Lisa Frassi

yoga teacher


Lisa Frassi She studied singing and piano from the age of 6 at the Monteverdi Conservatory in Cremona and for many years performed with a musical Cover Band live throughout many clubs and theatres of northern Italy.

At the same time she graduated in Clinical Psychology in Padua, specializing in Analytical Psychotherapy at the Institute of Imaginative Analysis in Cremona.

She then obtained a Masters in Psycho-Oncology at the Bellaria hospital in Bologna, deepening the meditation in clinical, hospital and post-operative settings and applying the mind-body model to relieve pain and improve the healing of many diseases. She then studied the discipline of yoga and ancient philosophies at the school "La Luce dello Yoga" in Rome, graduating in wellness yoga operator.

Lisa today has reconciled the artistic path with that of healing through the creation and interpretation of mantras and lives the music as nourishment of the soul as well as a channel of union and evolution; through the Jyotishmati 432Hz project, in synergy with the composer Matteo Giorgioni, she combined the artistic musical aspect with an idea of healing and love for themselves, for nature, for the whole.


Lisa Frassi has published two books:
“Diario di un paraorecchi rosso” (2011) – Parallelo45 edizioni e
“Bianca vertigo” (2015) – Runa editrice,
inside which, attached, the CD with original songs.
Both books are available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Matteo Giorgioni

free composer
contemporary historian


Matteo Giorgioni Matteo Giorgioni is a free composer, his music implies a close contact with Nature.

He chose to pursue a conscious life, of great respect and perception of the "Other", believing and spreading the idea that each of us is a small part of a "whole" and that, with his small actions, can directly influence on reality.

His songs, on the piano, sometimes enriched with vocalizations and orchestra, favor the intimate contact with oneself, listening to one's soul and spreading harmony.

Through his songs Giorgioni tells the story, evokes universal messages of peace, fostering relationships between everything that vibrates, which is frequency, which lives. His piano and his performances are tuned to 432 Hz after meeting Masaru Emoto's scientific theories.

His rediscover ancient beliefs of archaic native native peoples perfectly advances with the recent discoveries in Quantum Physics, which studies the relationships between objects and their vibrations: the result is the spread of love and peace and the energy balance of all those who they follow his music

Matteo Giorgioni studied in Conservatory of Bologna and graduated First in Solfeggio than in arrangement and composition; he belongs to a classic style, but over time, It's compositions have been enriched with other nuances typical of the tonal world, sometimes even minimal, while maintaining well-structured harmonies and variations.

Some people called him "composer of atmospheric music" others call it "evocative and spiritual music"

Master Luis Bacalov (Oscar-winning soundtrack of "Il Postino") chose him in 2012 as an effective student of the specialization course in "Composition of Music for Film", held by him at the "Accademia Chigiana" in Siena.

In 2013 he also completed his studies in Arrangement and Composition, graduating from the Conservatory of Bologna in Applied Music.

Parallel to the musical path, Matteo Giorgioni graduated in contemporary history at the University of Bologna.