About us

Jyotishmati is a musical and life project, It’s name derives from the Sanskrit word Jyotisa which represents light as a divine principle of life, as a source of consciousness and intelligence.

Jyotishmati 432Hz combines ancient sacred texts harmonized with a loop station and accompanied by original piano melodies.

The result is an ancient and evocative music, It's vibrations help to center, relax, they travel beyond time and space.

The intention is to unite religious traditions and different cultures in a modern key, the result is prayers transformed into vibrations and songs, to spread peace, harmony, protection and respect for nature and love and for oneself and for others. Jyotishmati's evocative music find Its maximum expression in places in close contact with nature, archaeological sites, churches, theaters, beaches, always reaching the heart of those who assist.

This music is closely connected to nature, between wind, granite, in the deep blue of the sea, in the rustling of eucalyptus leaves and in the shade of millenary olive trees in an ancient land like Sardinia.

Jyotishmati believes that belonging to a creed does not exclude all other religions, respects them, unites them.

Jyotishmati loves the Sunrise and believes that we are one with nature and the earth and our happiness is closely linked to respect for the environment and living beings. Since our body is mainly made up of water, it absorbs everything we come into contact with; this is why eating is not only about 'food' but about music, words, energies, places.

The quality of what we hear, of the sound, of the vibrations influences our life, that's why we play ancient mantras of ancient tradition and we tune the piano to 432Hz, the universal sound with many benefits.

Ancient Stones



All songs are written, composed, arranged at 432Hz by Lisa Frassi and Matteo Giorgioni.



Matteo Giorgioni

Piano Solo

All the songs are written, composed, arranged at 432Hz by Matteo Giorgioni.